March 22nd, 2009

Photo - Playmobil

Further Foot Update...

Second opinion in the Fracture Clinic was that it MIGHT be a sprain, it's NOT the metatarsal, and there's definitely a faint line through the cuboid... either way, I've been signed off work for four weeks (!), so they'll just have to bloody well cope. :P

They've taken the cast off and fitted me with one of those brilliant aircast thingies, so at least I'll be able to have a bath... Also means I can get around a bit easier, thank anything, though this morning I discovered that going down steps is somewhat easier when I've got a shoe on... possibly just twisting-the-other-ankle fear...

Any and all jokes about being a little short for a storm trooper fully expected, if unoriginal. :P

I have to go back on 6th April for them to have another look. Anyway, I feel better about it this morning than I did yesterday. Hurrah for mobility.