March 26th, 2009

JC - Jonathan - eww

Who wants to see my bruise, then?

Probably none of you, I know.

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I've managed to get a few bits done around the house like washing up and laundry, and I can weight-bear to some extent whilst wearing the Moon BootTM, so hopefully by the end of two weeks I'll be a bit more mobile. *crosses fingers* I presume they're going to take a better look at it on the 6th when I go back to the hospital and maybe they can figure out what it really is. The bruise is in the same place as last time, so my bet's on a re-broken cuboid.

Anyway. Nothing much else to update about. I have spent the past four days getting sucked into daytime television and playing (and finishing!) Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS, which my mum lent me. At some point I'll try and get through that list of DVDs and stuff...

Over and out.