March 31st, 2009

Erik - blank


I haven't updated because I'm... not really doing anything. Today I made a start on reading Watchmen (about halfway through) and have given up on Little Women because my brain is not in the right mindset to attempt the language. So instead I shall start The Last Unicorn tonight.

Anyway, that isn't why I'm posting.

TPTB at have finally realised that 'Musicals/Plays' needs to be a top-level category of its own, rather than being pushed into the 'Misc' category. As a result they've tidied it all up a bit and put the insane amount of Cats fic into a sub-category of its own.

For some bizarre, unfathomable reason, they have a Phantom of the Opera section in there. I say this is bizarre because there's already a perfectly adequate POTO section in the Books category, which contains four 'world' filters - book, movie, musical and alternate.

So, there are two whole fanfics in the Musicals/Plays category. Wow. Two! The last review of the first one contains the following words:

...I think it's such a shame that there aren't more stories for the Phantom of the's such a beautiful movie, and I think it's a real shame no one writes anything for the fanfiction.

The kicker? In the proper POTO category under Books, there are just under 9000 stories.

Yeah, obviously nobody "writes anything for the fanfiction".

This? The whole reason the fandom is crumbling. Stupid bloody idiots who have only seen the stupid bloody 2004 movie and think it's the only version out there, and haven't realised it's a book. I mean, we did at least get a small grace period when the movie first opened, as it took the rabid Gerik phangirls a while to find the category, but yeah. The fic is just... getting worse. It used to be a mostly well-written category back in MY day. Before these young whipper-snappers came along.

And this is also the reason why I have never, ever suggested a Sunset Boulevard category on FFN, even though there are probably enough stories knocking around now to warrant one. Ditto Jonathan Creek (my own fics would be enough to warrant one), because these are my precious fandoms and I don't want them being invaded by reams of badfic. It's another reason I'm horribly dreading this new SB movie, if it ever gets off the ground, not only because I know they'll miss something glaringly obvious, not just because so far some of the casting decisions have been physically painful, but because it will suffer from POTO-syndrome. And SB so so so deserves more than rabid fangirls writing badfic and totally missing the damn point and pairing off Joe and Betty because it's 'safe' and 'easy', etc.

I need to make up t-shirts. "GET OUT OF MY FANDOM" or "PHANTOM: UR DOIN IT RONG".

Just... yeah.

Stoopid Hollywood. Get out of my fandom. NOW.