April 2nd, 2009

SB - Betty - Oh you!

Fandom Squee. Nothing to see here, move along.

I happened to tune into Paul O'Grady this afternoon because there was literally nothing else on, only to discover that Kathyn Evans and the cast of Sunset Boulevard (well, some of them - no Dave Willets or Ben Goddard) would be performing "With One Look" at the end of the show.

So, first of all I texted Eni to tell her.

Then I taped it. Of course. :D
Quality isn't perfect because our aerial is rubbish, but still. Eeeee!

Brief conversation afterwards between Paul and Kathryn reveals that the London run has been extended to SEPTEMBER. Which, OMGYAY!

This means I can take my mum for her birthday (but alas not myself for mine, booo) in August and just... there more time to save up to see it again. The April run was due to end on the 18th, when yoshi and I are meant to be seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Wolverhampton, except his brother hasn't actually booked the tickets yet - we even agreed last night that if he hasn't done so within a week we'd just damn well go to London for the final night of SB anyway, because FINAL NIGHT and yeah. So now we don't have to.

I'm so so so pleased! An extended run means that audience reactions are positive and gleaming - Kathryn even mentioned that they've pretty much had a standing ovation every single night - and if that's the case then perhaps a second UK tour isn't such a distant possibility as I thought. *crosses absolutely everything*

This fandom makes me happy. It has, in the past, caused its fair share of angst, but dear GOD. I'll take the angst with a pinch of salt if it can continue to make me this cheerful. :D