April 7th, 2009

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Still nothing interesting happening here...

Went back to the hospital yesterday for a check-up. They were one staff member down, and hence my 10.20 appointment didn't happen until 12.20. When we arrived there was a sign on the board saying there was an hour wait; by the time they'd seen me that had increased to two hours. Bit of a waste of a morning, but oh well.

Anyway, the orthopaedic wotsit gave it a poke and man-handled both ankles for a bit. I still have no idea if it was broken or a sprain, but either way it seems to be almost healed, if slightly painful / trepidacious. He's referred me to physiotherapy (first appointment on 22nd April, 10.20am) and just said to take it easy until I'm ready to go back to work. I have two more weeks left on the original doctor's note, and then I have a week of leave booked, so after that I'll be going back to work on 27th April. By which point, hopefully, it will be somewhat better.

My line manager is off until September, though, so it's all a bit complicated. I should get my bank holidays (Good Friday / Easter Monday) and the two days of leave I'd booked next week (16th and 17th, for our anniversary) back, as I'll technically be off sick for them.

Okay. Three more weeks off. This time I will be productive, given I've managed barely any writing this past fortnight. Not helped by the fact that the SB/BaT co-writer seems to either be ignoring me or has disappeared off the face of the earth again, which is hardly conducive to the writing process. I've nearly finished the X-Files story, though. And I managed to read Watchmen, and have nearly finished The Last Unicorn.

Anyway. After the hospital yesterday we went to a carvery for lunch (with Lisa, who had driven us to and from the hospital), which was quite nice. £5.00 a head for food isn't bad at all.

PS: ebb - I've received the bag, thank you very much! It's lovely. :)
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MH - Worshipped & Adored by Many

Probably asking for trouble, but...

Comment on this to ask me one question for each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal

I will answer in a comment, and then you will post this in your journal so I can inflict it on you instead. :P

With regards to 2, if I am made to feel uncomfortable by the question, I will decline to answer. So there. Try and be creative.
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