April 12th, 2009

Random - Theory of Relativitea

Happy Easter.

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Just put the joint in the oven for lunch/dinner (a nice-looking boneless pork shoulder joint from Somerfield), which should be ready in around two hours. Cooking makes me feel somewhat productive, although my feet are hurting from standing around.

We went to see Let the Right One In yesterday. I enjoyed it, though Paul enjoyed it less so thanks to some annoying people a few rows back who spent the first 20 minutes whispering - mostly the woman, with the bloke occasionally interjecting. I couldn't hear them myself (until Paul pointed it out, anyway) but some people in front of us were getting annoyed as well. After said 20 minutes the couple buggered off anywayy. I can only assume they didn't realise it was a subtitled film (for once, the cashier didn't point this out when we bought tickets...) and the woman was offended by having to 'read' the film. *shrugs* Still, though, in what universe is it acceptable to talk all the way through?

Anyway, it's only on for a week by the looks of things, so if you want to see it in Birmingham, go to Cineworld now while you still can...

Nothing else to report.