April 17th, 2009

Edward - cookie heart


Birmingham Hippodrome has ganged up on me; suddenly there are millions of things on over the rest of the year that I want to see. Of course, I also haven't been on their mailing list for years, which might have something to do with it...

In the hope of finding other interested parties (but don't expect me to organise anything without extreme cooperation from other parties...), here's a list of stuff I want to see...

We Will Rock You UK Tour - 1st July to 5th September. (As Paul doesn't like Queen I doubt he will want to see this with me - any takers?)

Little Shop of Horrors - 15th to 19th September.

Evita UK Tour - 5th to 17th October. (Anyone want to take me for my birthday? :D)

Rocky Horror Show - 2nd to 7th November. (YAY!)

Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray - 10th to 14th November.

I think that's about it. I'm not even checking the Alex's listings.


Anyway, yesterday was our four-year anniversary. Quite a pleasant day, awful weather aside. We went briefly into town for a drink at Bacchus and then the Trocadero, one in the Yard of Ale, then back home for a bit before going out for the meal at Byzantium, a local tapas restaurant, at 8.00. We also stopped off at HMV to have a look and came back with £50-worth of CDs: an old PJ Harvey album, The Killers's latest album, Peter Docherty (the new solo album), the new Dido, the new Lily Allen, and the latest Seasick Steve. Some are mine, some are Paul's and some are joint purchases...

As for dinner, the food was lovely and the entire meal came to about £25.00, which was insanely reasonable. We were slightly ambitious in our choices (a little too much food), but it was all delicious. Starter dishes were flatbread, hummus and olives. I tried an olive, but found them intolerably weird. Mains were 'patatas bravas' (roast potatoes with tomatoes), mushrooms stuffed with tomato and red pepper, skewered chicken with vegetables, and calamari with garlic mayonnaise. YUM.

We would definitely go there again, and I would recommend it to anyone else seeking good food, good service and reasonable prices. Unfortunately I didn't have any room for dessert... ;)

We watched Benny and Joon in the evening before bed. Didn't get up today until about 11.30 and I had an insanely long dream, of which I can remember precisely nothing except the bit I will post separately in a moment. Paul is off now until Monday but today is a lazy day of not doing very much. Need to clean up in the kitchen, and I've done a blue load of laundry and a bit more embroidery, with more to come momentarily.