April 21st, 2009

Random - Garbo

General things.

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More experimental cookery last night... It's a variation on my chicken-gorgonzola-mushroom dish, and the thing I had at La Fibule on Valentine's Day...

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'Twas very nice indeed. Yay for experimental cookery.

Am up relatively early today (as compared to the last three days) in an attempt to get to bed before 2.00am and hopefully put my sleeping pattern back on track before Monday, when I'm back at work. Also going to choir tonight for the first time in four weeks as it's the Rossini concert on Saturday.

I seem to recall mentioning back when I initially broke my foot that Fate was a bitch with a sense of humour, because I'd been bemoaning the fact that the week before, I'd not been getting enough sleep thanks to chattering Muses, and therefore would have been much appreciative of a week off in order to get the writing done. Well - four weeks of leave and barely any writing to speak of. Plenty of ideas, but nothing concrete. I mean, WTF? It's just... stupidly frustrating. Just wait, as soon as I'm back at work things will wake up again.

I don't want to try and balance my work life with my sporadic writing habits. I'd rather keep the two separate, but my brain obviously wants to punish me. I'm hoping I can salvage what's left of this week to at least get stuff typed up which has been overdue, but meh. I just wish I could find a happy medium between No Sleep and Dried-Up Muses...

Anyway, I should probably have some breakfast. Just wanted to get that recipe down before it fell out of my brain.