April 29th, 2009

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Highly Enjoyable Telly

Having missed Monday night's episode of Ashes to Ashes, Paul and I watched it last night on Replay.

Goodness, that was enjoyable. :)

Back to feeling the Gene/Alex love very much so after last week (shut up, last week's Metro reviewer, some of us actually enjoy the UST... in fact I would wager that for the majority of us it's why we keep watching...) and had almost forgotten - as ever with my fandoms of late - how brilliant it is. Heart-thumpingly, breath-hitchingly brilliant.

Also had two very amusing lines, though I imagine they'll lose a bit in writing them down.

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The rest of it is all quite intriguing, still. I imagine two series of A2A would be just as sufficient as the two were for LoM - not over-egging the cake and all that. I like the fact that one of the other smaller mysteries of the series is whether Gene Hunt is actually a real person (as Alex now seems to think), rather than a 'construct', which makes the coma vs. time-travel element more interesting.

In other news, all the fee earners are at their away-day today, so obviously there's no work to do. I managed to drag some copy-typing out for a couple of hours this morning but there is now nothing left. Ho hum. I might as well work on the JC chapter fic, or maybe start one of those other ideas...
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An Irritation, and Several Public Service Announcements...

I don't think I did recount on here my Nero Saga...

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The public service announcements are actually more requests. I have now not only lost my Photoshop 7 CD, but my version of Office 2003, which disappeared bloody months ago even before I moved.

I know I copied PS7 for Eni at the very least, and I copied Office 03 for someone at BCC ages ago also (who I'll contact if all else fails). I can't remember if I also copied it for Eni. So really this is a plea to Eni rather than anyone else, unless they can help. ;)

Eni, can you copy my copy of PS7 for me? And Office 03 if you have it? (I have Office 00 - and I know I did you a copy of that, too - but it's really bloody annoying. Admittedly not as annoying as 07, of which there is a free trial on this PC - gah, idiot proof much? Why can't they just leave things how they are? What's with the stupid bloody massive buttons everywhere? *grumblegrumble*)

Aaaand finally, here's a poll, because I'm ridiculously ambivalent / indecisive and literally can't decide what to do.

What should I do with my hair?

Cut it short again
Grow it out

Because I do want to grow it out (and will have to get it trimmed at some point eventually to ease this task) but equally I want to cut it off again. I call upon the collective brain to make my decision for me.