April 30th, 2009

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  • 13:09 Thoroughly enjoying the new series of A2A thus far. I have mushroom risotto soup for lunch. Mmmmmmmmm soooooooooooooooup. #
  • 17:32 Have come to the opinion that Nero are actually evil. That was £40 I would rather not have spent and which is coming out of the savings. #
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I'm meant to be doing my Pointless Damn Ramble (PDR :P) but need to vent.

The deadline for the act-up secretary job is the end of business tomorrow and I was going to send in my 'written expression of interest' this afternoon, but mrrg...

I know it's a good opportunity. Several people have said I could do it and even Gaynor seems to want me to go for it, but I was re-reading the job spec this morning and was reminded that I'm actually a little scared of secretarial work. Scratch 'little', make that 'a lot'.

I've said this before, under similar circumstances - just because I can type super-fast does not mean I'm a good secretary. It literally just means I can type. I lack phone confidence at the best of times and only got 'good' at answering the phone at Ladywood because I didn't have any choice in the matter - calls were put through to me whether I liked it or not. I mean, I sit opposite Gaynor at the moment and only have a vague idea of what her job involves...

Besides that, some of the reasons for going for it are purely to make a point. Sandra said she was (and I quote) "thinkin bowt applyin", and quite frankly I don't want to inflict that level of illiteracy onto the team. Not to mention the fact that they keep complaining about her standard of typing and turnaround. I suspect even if she does apply, that particular element will probably work against her.

One of the other WPOs is going for it, too, whom I wouldn't mind getting it. She's incredibly organised (more than can be said for me!) and would more than likely get it...

But on the plus side for me, I've worked in this team and I know the cases. I would also say I'm a pretty fast learner, and at least (I hope!) would get some proper handover / training, instead of being thrown in at the deep end as with so many other experiences.

At the moment the job is on a rolling monthly basis until at least September, when Marie is due back. It's a pay grade higher than I am at present and I have to admit, the money is very tempting and would be incredibly helpful at this juncture (it's £1K/year more than I'm on now).

I'm about 75% convinced it's the right thing to do; I just need to convince the other 25% to stop running around in little circles like a headless chicken.

Pep talk, anyone? Please? *begging expression*