May 14th, 2009

MH - little boy lost

Two Films and a Strange Dream

Right, can get back to 'proper' updates now.

Firstly, the slightly overdue Coraline mutterings and related ramblings... Collapse )

Sorry, that went on a bit.

This next one will be shorter: Paul finally convinced me to watch Rebel Without A Cause last night (I did want to see it, was just never in the mood) and I quite enjoyed it. For those who don't know - and perhaps Eni might be interested in this - the scenes at the abandoned house are actually the same one from Sunset Boulevard - the exteriors, at least. Not quite sure about the interiors, as it looked to me as though the entire layout was reversed. Still, it was quite exciting to see it in colour. :D

It also inspired a sentence, of sorts. A throwaway comment from Joe, either in his voice or just in his narrative style, about how one day that house might be abandoned and kids would use it as a castle... because SB is all about the inter-referential fun.

Fiiiinally, my bizarre dream. Not enough to properly warrant filtering it, so it's public. Collapse )

I do believe that's everything. I had another jaunt to Acock's Green this lunchtime to get more food colouring paste for Alison's birthday picnic cake, and thankfully the trains did not conspire against me for once. Rather, my own stupidity did, as I managed to go the wrong way out of the station and added 20 minutes to my overall time. Boo.

Need to pick up some other bits of shopping tonight, including lime marmelade...

Over and out.