May 21st, 2009

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Things Which Are Annoying

Firstly, Collapse )

Secondly - AGAIN - my GP surgery.

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Also I have no sodding money (so what else is new), except we've run out of food and need to go shopping, and with the current natural (rather than economic) climate I'm beginning to feel like I haven't seen the sun since That Heatwave of 2005 and may never do so again for the foreseeable. Was that the sun's last hurrah or something? It's been bloody dire ever since.

A somewhat better thing is that last night I actually got a decent amount of words done on my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" tag fic - some of it typed, then a bit more when I went to bed. I won't say anything remotely pre-emptive at this point about where I might post it or whatever, because that's usually a recipe for utter failure. So: I've done a bit of writing, and we'll leave it at that.

I'm so glad I have three days off next week.
Derren Brown - blank


I went to drop off the prescription at lunchtime and they have put a note on it saying I need it by Friday. So I'll ring up tomorrow to find out. I didn't get to eat until 2.00pm, however, because the traffic conspired against me all the way there and back, and then there were people EVERYWHERE as I was trying to get some food on the way back to work.

Listening to music on the way back, I was reminded (yet again) of an idea I keep having for a Carnivále fic, of all things. Whenever I hear "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" by Cher I want to write a story set at some point in the future after the series - I have thus far held off on actually thinking too hard about it because we haven't finished watching the second/final season yet, and I have no clue how it might end. Collapse )

Right, another day over. Just hanging around to see if there are any amendments to the urgent I just finished, and then I can go home...