June 27th, 2009

Derren Brown - satanic

A Most Perturbing Situation

Okay, so I sat down about an hour ago do so some embroidery, having been distracted by Shiny Internets for about three hours prior to that, only to discover that the bloody instruction sheet has gone missing.

Every single other thing is still where it should be on the sofa: all four hanks of thread, the sewing chart, the colour photograph of the design, the needle, for Christ's sake, and my pencil, scissors and stitch-ripper. I've just lost the key and instructions telling me which threads I should use for which colours.

Just... WTF? HOW? It's a frelling A3 piece of paper!

I've searched the living room, bedroom and kitchen to no avail.

After a few fruitless minutes on Google I eventually established who the original artist was, and you can buy the chart for the design, thankfully, for about £4.50 ($6.99), but I'd rather not have to resort to that, especially as it's a downloadable design and I don't have a printer, so would have to sit there and copy out the bloody symbols by hand. Which, no.

So yeah, no real update despite two day trips in the pleasant weather, because this is just bloody infuriating. My only thought is that it somehow ended up in the bin and has been thrown away, but I don't see how it could have done because it wasn't even on the arm of the sofa or anything. I've checked under the cushions, under the sofa, under the chair, in envelopes I know full well have not been moved for months, in that stupid It-Must-Be-Somewhere mentality which hopes that turning the place upside down will result in the lost item miraculously appearing. Alas, I fear it's gone the same place as the metal tape measure, whch I've not seen in over a year.