June 30th, 2009

Photo - Sunset pink

An adventure, and a recipe.

Today Lisa and I had an adventure. Sort of.

We were meant to go to Ikea at about 12.00pm, only to discover that the car battery had died. Cue some brief panicked telephone calls, and then the nice man at the local garage jump-started the engine for us. Then it stalled and had to be jumped again, but then we went for a gentle drive to recharge it. Firstly around the back end of Kings Heath / Moseley, and then up to Wythall and Druids Heath. We stopped off at a farm shop and bought some bits and bobs (I got Paul a couple of bottles of Purity ale) and then we discovered a very convenient Aldi near the giant Sainsbury's at Maypole, so went in there as well. Stocked up on some bits like cheese and jars of curry sauce, for just under a tenner. Marvellous.

So, we're going to Ikea tomorrow instead, and hopefully the sale will still be on... not that I can remotely afford to be buying storage (my embroidery stand broke yesterday so I had to order a new one), but we need more DVD racks.

And now for the recipe, from last night: Collapse )

Nowt else to report. It's insanely warm today despite the brief bouts of rain, just really close and muggy and humid enough to get on my chest quite badly. Thank anything I'm not afflicted with hayfever.

I should probably tidy the living room if we need to build furniture at some point...