July 6th, 2009

Chicago - cell block tango

While I Can Catch a Few Minutes...

...here's something resembling an update of my two weeks of leave, apart from what I already LJ'ed about.

Monday: we cleaned the kitchen, including the oven, and had literally just finished and were about to do the floor when Phil (Trevor-the-Landlord's plumber / electrician / handiman mate) turned up to investigate the leak in Lisa's ceiling, which turned out to be the pipe under our kitchen counter having come slightly awry. Problem now fixed, though as a result I still haven't cleaned the floor. It's recycling night on Thursday so I'll do it then.

Tuesday: a trip by bus to Sutton Park, including an Aldi-bought picnic. Their fizzy raspberryade is yum. We ran into a herd of free-roaming cows but alas did not have the camera with us.

Wednesday: a barbecue of the evening.

Thursday: Lisa went with us and thus drove us to Prestatyn (North Wales) for the day, which was lovely. It was warm but blustery, and the tide went out over the course of the day so we got to have a bit of a paddle in the sea, walked about 15 miles down the seafront / promenade and finished the day with a short journey to Rhyl for fish and chips, whereupon we were attacked by feral and aggressive seagulls. (There are pictures on Facebook, but I don't have the link to hand.) Rhyl was kind of rubbish (like most things that were popular in the 80s :P), but Prestatyn was gorgeous, and we're going to try and get a chalet or caravan there for a bit longer, at some point. Sea air = cleansing for the soul. Lovely.

Friday: nowt, as far as I can remember.

And then I was on my own for the week after that, and went to Ikea with Lisa and not much else.

This weekend we had another barbecue (with Lloyd and Daniel in attendance), which despite being briefly rained on was quite pleasant. On Sunday we finished building the DVD cabinets and rearranged the furniture, and put Paul's CDs into his new units. We can't move the DVDs around yet until David comes over to drill them to the walls, but at least they all fit into the room...

So, as of this morning Paul is officially unemployed, having discovered halfway through Friday that he had to leave. Admittedly this was inevitable, but still rather shit. Hopefully by the end of this week, if not today, things will be a little brighter. I was feeling crap about it this morning, but luckily it's been so busy here today I haven't had time to think about it.

(I'm not bothering to filter this entry for the sake of one paragraph, so if you haven't got anything nice or sympathetic to say about the situation, don't say anything at all. In fact, that goes for everything I post here of a sensitive nature.)

DHL attempted to deliver my new embroidery frame (the old one finally broke) on Friday when both Lisa and I happened to be out, so I've just had to ring their automated re-delivery service number thing to rearrange it for tomorrow. Hopefully they'll turn up at a reasonable time when either Paul or Lisa are actually in and able to sign for it, otherwise I foresee this debacle going on for some time. Obviously, DHL don't deliver at weekends; that would be far too helpful.

I think that's about everything.