July 9th, 2009

MH - numb haven - K/Y

Nothing Particularly Important

Away Day yesterday was okay; not as bad as some years. We had a toxicologist come in to talk to us about hair strand testing and what its used for / how it works, which was interesting, and also one of the high up Judges gave a talk at the end about what the Court expects of the Local Authority and stuff, including (quite gratifyingly) correct spelling and grammar. :P

I did not win an award but was nominated along with three others. It's quite suspect that all of the people who won were part of the same team, i.e. the biggest one. Myself and a fellow nominated colleague later on decided we should have a ballot box / election format and force everyone to vote, just to make it fairer.

As usual, things overran - in the morning by 15 minutes, then by 20 minutes in the afternoon, despite cutting our lunch short to get back on time. Instead of going home I went back to the office to make a dent in the workload and didn't leave work until 6.00pm.

We went out for food, mostly because I was too knackered to cook and also because Paul has (a) a new job starting today (the one he was interviewed for on Tuesday) and (b) an interview for a proper job in Solihull next week. Obviously he would much prefer the proper job to the temp job, but it'll do for now. As a result of the tiredness I didn't even manage to stay up for Ugly Betty (stupid 10.00pm timeslot) and instead sloped off to bed to watch some more X-Files and gain glorious sleep. I'm still bloody tired today. Can't win either way.

Am meeting my mum after work for a Secret Purpose which I am not yet inclined to tell people about, and they're both also coming over on Saturday for a barbecue or a meal if rain calls it off, and so David can screw things to the walls for us.

Oh, in realising I forgot, I went back and added the answers to my lyrics meme entry. The only participant, and hence the winner, was obviously Eni. I generally try to avoid that pervading sense of "why-do-I-bother?", but sometimes it's a little hard to fend off. :(

This week has gone quite fast, but I'm losing the will to live today already. I had a nice-looking bacon and sausage turnover from the pasty shop for breakfast, but it was so horrendously salty I just couldn't finish it... and Pret have stopped doing their dangerously good chocolate popcorn... meh.