July 21st, 2009

MH - little boy lost

Health + Film Review

I have no idea what's going on with my nose lately. I think it's left over cat-allergy from Sunday night because we went to see Pauls' mum. The antihistamine successfully prevented my eye from flaring up (which was just as well considering the cat is affectionate / clingy to the point of looking offended if you stop stroking him; it's quite cute, he lifts one front leg as if to wave at you and attact your attention...) but I started sneezing after a few hours. It was also quite chilly on Sunday night, which didn't help... I took a Benilyn night-time cold tablet before I went to bed (good quality of sleep, hurrah) and was a bit sniffly yesterday too, then made the mistake of wearing the same top when I got in as yesterday, which was obviously covered in cat hairs and drool, which set the sneezing off again.

I was incredibly bunged up last night, too, and still a bit this morning. Which, in the middle of the current global swine flu panic, is making me somewhat paranoid. To be honest, I blame the quite awful weather of late, and the fact that the temperature can't seem to find a happy medium to stick to and went from Swelteringly Hot to Actually Quite Cold in the space of a day once that heatwave finished.

(Just managed to drop my coffee cup onto my keyboard; thankfully the lid was still on and there doesn't appear to be any damage...)

So, I am a bit tight-chested today, which isn't very fun. :(

Paul went out yesterday because his mate Alex is back from Gran Canaria (permanently, apparently)... I was going to go with them originally, until Alex did his usual trick of inviting more random people along, including Tony, who scares the Hell out of me. Paul assured me he would be sober this time (the first and last time I met him he was incredibly drunk and generally the kind of person I avoid like the plague as a result) but meh. I was also feeling kind of horrible last night so couldn't be bothered.

So instead I finally got around to watching The Libertine, which Noel bought me a while back for either a birthday or Christmas and which has been on the DVD rack along with all those other DVDs I never get around to watching. Collapse )

Not much else to report except that as a result of Paul going out (and the tight-chestedness), I didn't get to sleep until about 1.30am. Bah.