July 27th, 2009

PotC - Pirate!

Very busy.

Because it's summer, quite a few of our WPOs are missing, and as a result some of the work on the other side of our floor dates back from Wednesday last week. Which has the knock-on effect of everything else being urgent. We also have quite a bit on our side so our capacity to help out is limited. Meh. Plus Keith's bloody printer still doesn't work properly so that's just adding to the stress today.

In other news, I saw the trailer for Alice in Wonderland over the weekend, and ZOMG it looks AMAZING. Stick a search in Google if you're curious. I am currently more impressed by Burton managing to make Depp look scary rather than gothpaint pretty for the first time in forever than anything else, though the entire thing looks awesome. Also incredibly surprised that it's a Disney production... I thought they still weren't talking to Burton after Black Cauldron. Here's hoping they don't try and quash his creative vision with cute animals or whatever. A shame we have to wait until March, but at least there should be 9 to enjoy in September / October (IMDb doesn't give a UK release date, as per usual).

PS: If you disagree with my enthusiasm, I refer you to the 'contentious opinions' tag, which is your cue to be quiet. That is all.

Also watched I Am Legend on Saturday night, which was highly enjoyable. I like the fact that these days, "the future" is set only a few years from now - I'm also thinking of Children of Men as an example - and is either dystopian or the end product of humanity's mess-ups. It makes a change from old-fashioned sci-fi where "the future" was the 21st century. It also amazes me that Star Trek's First Contact Day will actually occur within most of our lifetimes, when it wouldn't have done back when the original series first aired. Admittedly I'll be about 70, but still. It makes you start to wonder if by 2076 we will actually have made 'first contact'...

Okay, I'm blathering on a bit. Must finish lunch, fix the bloody printer again (sigh) and get one with some work...