August 3rd, 2009

Photo - Atget mouth door

Film Review, and other bits

So, on Saturday night we went to see a delightful piece of cinema entitled Antichrist... Collapse )

Small things have been irritating me this weekend. I have ordered a new printer from e-Buyer (£80 all in for the printer, USB cable and spare cartridges, plus £10 delivery charge), and did so on Friday night in the hope that next day delivery would result in getting it on Saturday. Obviously, they don't deliver on Saturdays except for an extra charge, and it wouldn't have been until this weekend. So it's arriving on Tuesday (note to self: remind Lisa so she is hopefully in), which is still okay because I ordered it so I could copy some CDs for my mum. Except then I forgot my bloody password, and the 'changed password' link they emailed me didn't work, so we had to set up an account in Paul's name to bloody order the thing. Thankfully there was no hassle with PayPal, and I didn't have to contend with the Lloyds TSB cardsafe thinger, which I've literally had to change the password on about sixteen times because I didn't remember which one I'd used. I think the first time it turned out that by 'Password', they meant 'Mother's Maiden Name', but I've had to change it so many times I've run out of memorable passwords - there are only three or four I use for most things. So anyway, that entire thing was aggravating.

Then I was generally annoyed by Cineworld being crap with their screening times and extortionate prices (and the fact that we wouldn't be able to see it off peak because they're only showing peak-time screenings).

THEN, on Sunday I got annoyed with the sewing machine, whilst trying to adjust Paul's new trousers. For starters, the bobbin clutch wheel is completely stuck closed, and I don't have a screwdriver with a narrow enough shaft to try and loosen the screw, which I think may help - though if not I have no other solution. Thankfully I then found a bobbin with black thread on it - though my other solution was to use my JML travel sewing machine just to create a bobbin - except I think it's different thread to my main reel, so I absolutely could not get the stitch tension right. In the end I gave up and tacked them by hand, but I'm going to buy some better quality black thread tonight, make a bobbin from scratch and try again. It's annoying because when I made my tie-backs the machine was working perfectly.


It seems the root cause of my annoyance is just Things Not Working, to be honest. Which is entirely understandable.

To top that off, this morning MS Word ate a memo I'd typed before I had a chance to save it, after I'd deleted the tape. Thankfully the file note was still intact. Bloody thing. I assume it was a temporary network fritz (as usual), but still annoying.

Reet then, nothing else to report. Hopefully we will be able to see Coco Before Chanel (preferably without morons in the cinema) before it ceases to show anywhere... Also hope to be back on track with sandwich-making for work this week, as we were very bad last week. We are also back on track with Real Food, as I made a beef bourgignon last night and we're having chilli tonight...