August 4th, 2009

Random - Cutlery

Om Nom

We had 'Wetherspoon-style' chilli con carne last night... So here's a recipe, courtesy mostly of none other than Marguerite Patten (seriously, her book is a kitchen lifesaver...) - enjoy!

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It's literally the easiest thing to cook ever, apart from toast or something. Alternatively you can cook the rice beforehand and throw it in with all the other ingredients, or have the chilli on baked potatoes. Et voila.

In other news, I am in something of a musical quandary, and trying to decide whether or not to buy a couple of albums... My plan is to check them out for free on Spotify before I go and spend any money. For starters, I really like the Noisettes' new single because it sounds really retro-disco-esque (I don't know the title; the chorus ends in "always remember me"), despite not really liking "Go Baby Go" very much - though it's growing on me...

My other quandary is Katie Perry. I really, really didn't like "I Kissed a Girl" because it was bloody stupid, but I really like "Waking up in Vegas" (and from what I've heard of "Hot and Cold" or whatever it's called, I quite like that one too...) I also find myself increasingly getting Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in my head, which, NO. I didn't particularly like her personality when she was on Jonathan Ross and haven't heard anything else she's done.

So, yes. Spotify would seem to be the answer.

I spent an evening the other day searching for Killers videos from alternative sources, as most of them cannot be viewed on YouTube in the UK because of copyright reasons (which is a bit rubbish, though I imagine most of them are on the singles...) - the video for "Mr Brightside" is probably my favourite, if we exclude the one Tim Burton directed ("Bones"), which loses points for Brandon Flowers sporting a rather questionable beard. :P

I don't think I can find anything else to ramble about. Best go find some work to do.
Photo - leaves

Oh, and here's a meme...

Stolen off Eni again...

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions.

01. Jonathan Creek.
02. Ugly Betty.
03. The X-Files.
04. Farscape.
05. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Bearing in mind I'm long over-due a re-watch on the last two...)

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That was fun. I like fandom memes.