October 5th, 2009

Photo - Playmobil


Guess who burnt her index finger on her hair straighteners this morning?

I was fumbling blindly for the on/off switch and missed it by an inch. Luckily I didn't press it hard against the ceramic, nor for any extended period of time, but it stings like a bugger. Meh.

Still nothing particularly interesting happening. I started a new embroidery on Saturday (or, well, I started sewing it on Sunday because it took so long to sort the threads out), a set of Christmas decorations, which hopefully I can finish by Christmas so we can use them. I need to buy another rolling frame, though, as the fabric is huge and my round hoop is unsuitable.

We wasted most of Saturday to sleep, apparently, not getting up until midday. I did us a roast chicken dinner (first time in aaaages) in the evening, including Experimental Potatoes courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Finally, here's a veggie-friendly recipe!

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Not much else to report, really. Some exciting things coming up:

16th October - my birthday. I'm at work on the actual day but my mum and David are treating Paul and I to a meal at Ponte di Legno, the Italian restaurant in Moseley which we have yet to try, which has received excellent reviews... hopefully it'll live up to its reputation. We're not seated unil 9.30, so hopefully I won't be too exhausted by then...

17th October - possibly some manner of pubbage, I'm still undecided... watch this space / Facebook.

W/C 19th October - NOT AT WORK! Yay!

23rd October - going to London to see Priscilla (OMGYAY), with a meal beforehand at our favourite Bistro (and buying Eni some food, too, as a thank you for the tickets). We have yet to book a hotel, though. Hopefully we can do a bit of exploring on the Saturday as I'd like to go to Portobello Road market and have a look-see, or maybe Camden again... Not that I have any money... hopefully I might get a bit of birthday money to spend.

Aaaanyway, this is me dropping in again, and I shall now drop out and find something to do. Bit quiet here this morning, hence the entry.