October 6th, 2009

Photo - egg house

Success at Last

Paul has a job! Hurrah! It's based at Lancaster Circus and has the potential for lots of overtime (paid at time and a half), so even though it's not as much money as he was hoping for, he can still pull in the equivalent that he was on before. Also the basic rate can increase based on performance, which is always of the good. It's still via an agency, but never mind. JOB!

Thank anything for that. I was starting to feel the panic set in.

Not much else to report. I ordered a new (bigger) frame last night for my Christmas decorations, though depending on the size of the fabric I might put the ongoing project (the one I've been posting pictures of) onto the new one and the new-and-hopefully-finished-by-Christmas embroidery onto the old frame.

I am officially middle aged, it would seem.

This morning has been about typing endless emails (plus scanned documents) and nothing remotely substantial; I can feel the brainrot setting in. Give me a juicy two-tape report, someone!

This lunchtime I have to go out to buy socks, as my feet got soaked on the way to work and are now uncomfortably damp and itchy. Meh.