October 24th, 2009

Random - Theory of Relativitea

Briefly popping in...

Back from London - proper update to follow, as I had about three hours of sleep last night and am about to go to bed. I think I'm only still awake but for the grace of good coffee and sheer will power.

In summary (in no particular order):

  • Priscilla was a thousand worlds of awesome and a big "THANK YOU!" to Eni for buying the tickets. :D *hugs*
  • Apparently Bernadette is channelling Norma Desmond. Quite terrifying.
  • We spent FAR too much money today but so totally worth it nonetheless.
  • Barely took any photographs but have video footage of a man escaping a straitjacket and chains in three minutes...
  • My leg hurts - explanation forthcoming...
  • My super-cool uber-pointy Moulin Rouge ankle boots of Victoriana doooooooooooom are IMPLEMENTS OF TORTURE. Waah.
  • National Express have a Big Ranty Email heading their way quite shortly for the bloody fiasco on Friday afternoon...
  • Southerners are wusses.

As I said, full write-up to follow. Possibly tomorrow, more than likely on Monday over the course of the working day. ;) Pictures will inevitably come a bit later.

Night night.

*falls asleep*
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