October 26th, 2009

Erik - blank

Rather sad news.

Just heard via phanwank that Andrew Lloyd Webber has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. :(

WTF is this, the year of random celebrity doom?

My relationship with ALW is somewhat love/hate. I love his genius and his many creations, but I hate the way he mangles my brain into incomprehensible shapes. Nevertheless, here's hoping he has a speedy recovery.

Hurry up and blow over, 2009. Haven't you done enough damage already?

*sends happy and healthy vibes*
Priscilla - Drag Crossing

Here I Go Again...

In honour of seeing the show and in preparation for the write-up, which should be finished tomorrow, hopefully (it was crazy busy at work today), I have reverted to my good old Priscilla layout.

Tick/Felicia FTW!


Edit, 20.11 - except I'll probably make a new one as the picture is blurry from being resized last time, and tags don't show up in the only usable layout option. *resumes hating S2*