November 6th, 2009

Random - Foodie Love

We Has Foodings

We did our quarterly Asda shop last night because we had literally run out of food. We've not been able to properly stock up whilst Paul was unemployed (save for a couple of trips to Aldi for some basics). The fridge and freezer were bare and the cupboard contained only gravy, stock cubes, pasta and tuna. (You could argue that the last two constitute a meal in itself, but not all the time. :P)

Just over £200. But now the fridge, freezer and cupboards are quite literally full. The stuff that wouldn't fit into the freezer without rearranging the space-time continuum are in the fridge, so we had pork chops last night, then again tonight, and roast chicken at the weekend. It's quite lovely to open the fridge and be greeted with a choice. :)

So, we have a freezer full of MEAT and some fish (when some of the meat has dwindled I think perhaps a trip to the fish market is in order...), a fridge full of vegetables, condiments, cheese and sandwich fillers (paste and deli-style), and a cupboard full of tinned beans and tomatoes and yet more gravy, and stir-fry sauces and Super Noodles. YAY FOOD. We've been very lax in healthy eating of late simply due to a lack of choice, so hopefully now back on track...

Oh, and because Asda is the only place to do big tiger bread loaves (everyone else does piddly little ones for double the price), we got one of those, too. Even though white bread is horrendously bad for me and I'll be suffering for it by the end of next week. It just smells sooooooo goooood. Also makes fabulous toast.

So, this weekend I shall attempt to finish another Christmas decoration (hopefully) before we head out for Paul's mum's birthday surprise meal (mmm carvery) followed by possibly some fireworks somewhere. Must remember to charge the camera. There's nothing happening on Sunday, thankfully.

I should really start thinking about Christmas shopping and book off my 'shopping day'...

PS: If anyone wants a Christmas card, drop me an email with your address. teylaminh at yahoo dot co dot you-kay.