December 3rd, 2009

JC - Jonathan - eww


I have finally found a vegetable more minging than peas.


I tried some last night in the process of chopping it up for our chilli con carne and it's FOUL. It tastes as bad as it smells. I was expecting it to taste more oniony, I think. I could still taste it 10 minutes after spitting it out. Ptooey.

Thankfully after an hour of boiling in associated meat and vegetable juices, it didn't actually taste of anything. :)

Did some Christmas shopping last night and got a few things for people, so that's something. I'm hoping to make a dent in the rest of it next Wednesday, though.
Priscilla - Drag Crossing

Layout Woe.

I had this brilliant idea to attempt my new Priscilla-themed layout, because I remembered many moons ago doing a temporary Rocky Horror layout wherein I used Component and managed to position a banner at the very top of the page, and subsequently drop all the component-y bits below the banner. So I made a lovely banner for my knew layout (it was humungous, though, in retrospect) only to discover that either (a) my memory of which layout I used is faulty or (b) they've stopped using that function these days.


As Eni is more than likely interested, I then turned my banner into a background, but now have no clue what to do with it. So for her benefit only, it's here.

Anyway, I've reverted back to my good old traditional Component layout for now. It's been a while.

I frelling hate S2. Always have and always will. I was happy learning S1 before they changed it. BAH.