December 11th, 2009

Christmas - berries

Nearly Done...

Paul and I got some more presents last night - all that remains is something else for Robin / Bumble, which Paul is going to hunt for at the same time as shopping for me. I also have £9 left to spend on something for him to make up the £30 limit.

Next week's evenings have gone from being fairly quiet to being jammed!

Monday - Paul at Broken Amp.
Tuesday - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.
Wednesday - meeting herringprincess at the pub to hand over pressies pre-Christmas as she won't be around on Christmas Eve.
Thursday - going to see grandmother.
Friday - nothing. Yet, anyway. :P

Tomorrow we're going to Jen and Dave's for dinner so I will need to wrap their presents tonight. Paul's working in the morning so will meet Lisa and I in town on the way there. On Sunday we're hoping to go and see Paranormal Activity (I've bitten the bullet - as much as I know full well I'll be backed firmly into my chair with horror, I also know I'll regret it if I miss it at the cinema) and maybe a ride on the wheel, so I must remember to take the camera with me. Might take it on Saturday as well.

I cannot be any more sociable than I already am being, so please - don't ask me to do anything else.

Nowt else to report. It's been quiet here the past couple of days. Today I've allocated myself the task of sorting through our filing cabinet full of police videos. Might as well make a start on that.

Two hours later...

Police evidence cataloged and databased. Now back to my day job. :P