December 14th, 2009

Christmas - snow

A Quiet Evening Before the Insanity

Primark's sizing logic confuses me. Aside from the general lack of consistency, I mean. I went in earlier to find a new black cardigan because one of my work cardies has given up the ghost (it got snagged in the washing machine) and managed to find one vaguely suitable for work, and whilst in there picked up a funky sequinned waistcoat thing and two pairs of leggings. I managed to find one pair of normal leggings in a size 14 (wasn't going to risk the 12 after previous experience with their sizing system) and then picked up another pair of control leggings in a 12-14. This is where the sizing logic confusion comes in.

There was one pair left in the 12-14, a few in 16-18, and absolutely tonnes of 8-10. Because obviously, the majority of women who actually are size 8-10 do not require control leggings and therefore are not buying them!

Anyway. The cardigan, it turns out, is apparently supposed to be worn as a top in and of itself because it has a strange scoop neckline and is very tight at the waist (and, in that regard, designed to be worn by a giant; I know I'm short in the body, but not that short) and barely fits over the top I'm wearing today. Hopefully it'll stretch. My other cardy's in the wash.

On Saturday we went to Jen and Dave's for dinner, which was quite enjoyable. Far too much food, but it was all delicious (if cheaty :P), and we played Team Trivial Pursuit to finish the evening - three rounds. I also had my first ever play on a Wii and want one now. I whupped Paul's arse on bowling and basketball after about two attempts at learning how the Wiimote thing reacted, and was then coaching him. :P I am teH roxxors.

On Sunday we had intended to go to the cinema but were both too knackered, so stayed in. I have nearly finished my sixth decoration (still four to go), and got some more presents wrapped up. They went in the post today and I need to finish Eni's tonight to get that sent off. Ye GODS, the queue. Well, not really a queue; they have a ticket system now and I was number 77 - when I arrived they were calling number 5. Once they hit the 50s things seemed to go a bit quicker though. Nevertheless, it ate my lunchtime.

Right, things to do tonight: finish Eni's present; finish sixth decoration / start seventh; have some food; have a shower. Then sleeeeeep. Hm, maybe my subject is wrong; it's not so quiet after all.

PS: Eni, your present arrived. I had to do a patch-up job on some of the wrapping paper where it had torn in transit, but did not see anything to indicate what it was, other than being generically book-shaped. :P