January 20th, 2010

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Not Very Interesting

It's been a while since I updated. I've not been feeling very updatey, really. Here's what I've been doing lately.

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This week at work has been much more bearable than last week, not least because we have heating / a working lift / electrics, and there's been plenty of work to do. I'm trying to make up some hours because I need to take 1.5 flex days before the end of January and currently have 0.14 of an hour. Don't think I'll manage it somehow. (I need to take 1.5 days because Legal's 8-week flex allowance is three days total rather than two, and if you take two days in one four-week period you must take one in the other, ditto for 1.5 - I took 1.5 flex days before Christmas, so am rather stuck.)

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Anyway, that'll do. I think I've not been updating because it would be mostly doom and gloom. I'll come back when things are looking up. So... probably in about five years. Bye.
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I was going to do a meme I found whilst re-tagging, but it was insanely long so I gave up halfway through. :P Here's something less substantial instead.

I wish Nemi was my best friend:-

That is all.