February 7th, 2010

Daffyd - Wide Eyes

Not again!

Okay. So I managed to find Paradise eventually (the animation I vaguely remembered from childhood) and now I have an even more random thing I'm trying to find...

I don't think I even saw the entire film at the time (I was VERY young and I think it was on the end of something else, as in, it had been taped over...) All I can remember is that there was a man and a woman, on some kind of mountain or rocky outcrop, and the man made himself a pair of wings. I remember him designing them (possibly with chalk on the rocks) and then making them out of sticks and feathers or such like.

I also think it was foreign - like, German or Swedish - because I can sort of half-remember it being dubbed. I'm guesing it was made early 80s / late 70s.

I hold out no hope of finding it, but anyway... if anyone has a clue...?

Damn you, brain!

In other news... this is that Bugs Bunny cartoon I mentioned a while ago with the total eclipse. Thank frell for Google. :D

Edit@00.32: - But alas, not even the Internet can find me an online video of it. Amazon.Com have it on VHS but I'd need to find someone to convert it for me or put it on DVD. Still, it's VERY tempting...