March 31st, 2010

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More Job-Related Wibbling

Further to my latest tweet, here's the full story...

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updating around here (again), but... actually, I have no excuse. I've just not been feeling very posty. My online activities of late involve reading Facebook and Twitter, checking my Flickr stream and LJ f-list, and nowt much else. I'm still quite skint and haven't done anything of interest since Alice in Wonderland (still haven't seen that again, either). Choir is choir, life is life, work is work. At the moment I'm just waiting for this week to be over and Easter to start. I have annual leave booked from 16th April and will not be back at work until 5th May (the 3rd is a bank holiday; I have training on the 4th).

Anyway. I think I half-mentioned that there were some potentially exciting opportunities possibly arising at work. Here's the full story, and explanation of subject header... You can probably miss out the first cut if you really want because it's quite boring. ;)

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I anticipate an influx of similar comments to last time, and I will of course keep LJ / Twitter / Facebook updated with progress reports.