April 7th, 2010

Photo - Sunset pink

Heeey, I recognise this situation...

As ever, new Jonathan Creek has inspired me to RITE MOAR FICK. As a result of which I am getting No Sleep and can absolutely guarantee that when I'm actually on leave and have time to indulge the addiction, my Muse will flee for the hills. Because it's cruel like that. Maybe this time it'll actually be nice to me for a change. *crosses fingers*

My episode write-up/review/thoughts prompted a comment tennis with Eni, which is self-evident. To save you having to translate the flailing incoherence (literally!), here are some details about the fic ideas that came to fruition in the process. Obviously these are mostly for my own benefit, because I've been half-planning this fic since the last special, and thanks to last night's tennis it now has something resembling a plot!

Collapse )

So, that's that. Potentially quite en exciting project. Actually, I haven't been this excited about a fic since "Breakfast on Sunset" resurfaced in the midst of my post-Sunset madness, and it's somewhat refreshing to get that feeling back. :)

Title suggestion, anyone?