July 15th, 2010

Chicago - cell block tango


Dear People-at-the-Bus-Stop,

Why do you feel the need to try and get on the bus before the passengers disembarking have a chance to get off? Apart from being rude, what do you expect will happen? You're not going to get home any quicker than if you were to wait, unless those few seconds are absolutely vital. I appreciate, man-at-the-front-of-the-queue, that you did apologise to myself and the lady before me, but that does not negate the fact that your foot was already on the platform as soon as the doors opened.

No love,


It's not just randomers, either. As I was getting off the bus this morning (I had to sit upstairs because I left five minutes late - go figure - so I was one of the last straggers to get off), I think I saw one of the fee earners in Adults haranguing the driver. It sounded like her, anyway. It's not a fee earner I particularly miss since the move, as she was constantly pestering me and announcing her PC issues to the entire office. After the incident this morning, it reminded me that, yes, she did have an air of self-importance about her which would explain what I saw happening.

I assume she was trying to get somewhere on the 50 for a meeting or otherwise. As I and several other remaining passengers were still getting off, I spotted that she was standing by the driver's cabin. I think she was trying to ascertain how much it would cost, as I distinctly heard, "I've only got £3.50..." before I got off myself. And yes, there was a queue of people waiting to get on. The 50 stop is a busy one no matter what time of day it is.

I can almost accept it from teenagers and old people, the two groups who seem to believe the world owes them something (I can understand it from the pensioners; the 'yoofs' have no excuse), though it's still a sad picture of society in general that we live in a universe of self-absorbed egotism and downright rudeness. I just hope I don't reach the point of having so much money that I consider myself so entitled that the rules of manners no longer apply. Money buys you lots of things; it does not buy you respect.

I think perhaps this would not have annoyed me quite so much, if not for this week at work being completely horrendous. We are still three days behind on typing, and today I feel like I've been horribly unproductive, despite the fact I literally haven't stopped except for lunch. I don't mind being busy (I would rather have too much work than none at all), but there are limits.

Gah. Only one day to go, anyway.