July 28th, 2010

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Dream Post, Plus Update

Once again I have been rather lax in updating, and once again it's because I haven't been doing anything. Work is still insanely busy, with the pile of typing simply not dwindling despite best efforts, and to be honest I've just been trying to get to payday without being completely destitute.

In fact, last week I had to extend my overdraft online by £100, to cover a leaving dinner which took place yesterday, the day before payday. I'm glad I did, though, because it was a very pleasant evening. (And anyway, now that Paul's been paid I can knock that £100 off the overdraft again and go back to normal...)

We went to Piccollino last night, an Italian restaurant in Brindley Place (opposite Ikon Gallery and directly behind Flares), and there were ten of us in total, though one of the people for whom the dinner was held didn't turn up, as she left several weeks ago... We were under the impression she would come, but never mind...

The food was lovely. Fairly expensive (I always think Italian food is horribly overpriced anyway), but actually worth the money. The grills were very steep (steaks were about £20!) but the pastas, pizzas and risottos weren't too bad (between £9 and £12), and it all came to about £20 per head in the end, which was surprising considering how quickly the wine was flowing...

It was all very laid back and we finally left the restaurant around 9.45, ambled back in a New Street sort of direction and parted ways at the ramp to go our separate ways. Everyone always says after nights out like this that we should do it more often, as we only ever seem to get together when people are leaving. The good intentions are usually scuppered by various other work commitments, though... Ah well.

As a result of being slightly tipsy and the heat last night, however, I'm somewhat hungover and decidedly sleepy today. (And we might be going out AGAIN for another leaver tonight! Will have to see how I feel about that later...) I also had two very bizarre dreams, which I shall recount herein. :)

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I totally want a Sunset Boulevard exhibition, though. :D I suppose I'll have to make do with the Tim Burton artwork exhibition when it finally appears in the UK in about 2011. And frankly, I'm not missing that for anything. :P