August 4th, 2010

Google - Work


I just had the following exchange with a WPO colleague during our (wholly unproductive) team moanathon meeting. Surprisingly, Moany wasn't even there. This conversation took place with newly-aliased Forgetful, so-named for her previous statement about forgetting everything we'd learned about Iken because she would have slept in the interim...

Me: [regarding dictation] I've said to Lisa that if she has trouble using the untethered device, she can always use Kate's [her jobshare] when she's in.

Forgetful: That's not fair, you'll pick up a piece of work from Kate and discover it's Lisa.

Nice attitude. They don't like Lisa's work because (a) she never dictates matter numbers (which is why I produced a reference list of them) and (b) she likes scanning and sending emails, OH NOES THE HORROR. Which is exactly why I keep getting lumbered with it on a regular basis, because I do it without any hassle. (Lisa actually using the digital dictation system is a whole other rant, mind you, because of said scanning issue, and I tried to resolve it before it became a problem to no avail... My attempts to explain why it wasn't just as simple as giving her a dictation device and the appropriate training were not met with the appropriate enthusiasm. I have now washed my hands of it.)

Also discovered in course of said meeting that Forgetful had clearly completely ignored the helpful email sent some months back by one of our IT guys, attaching the desktop links for the other two shared drives on the network, subsequent to the original office move back in January. We use 'socshare' (Social Services), and there is also 'pubshare' (Public Law and Property) and 'litshare' (Litigation). Pubshare is used for Education Team's work and litshare for Employment's, hence why we needed access and links. She was asking where we were supposed to save work for Employment because they never make it clear, and I said their case files were on litshare, which was enough to send her into paroxysms of confusion and affrontation.

Look, if you ignore an email because you think it does not apply to you personally, that's not my problem. Considering everyone else knew what I was talking about, it clearly IS just you. Yes, fair enough, Employment shouldn't be using the network drives, but they are, and that's their choice. Until they start using Iken, just do as you're bloody well told.

GRAH, so frustrating.

As is having vegetable fail at Tesco. They had no parnsips AND no leeks. I know they're winter veg, but come on!