August 5th, 2010

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I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Scream...

Yesterday's stupidity continues...

In the midst of moaning about fee earners' bad dictation yesterday, Forgetful quoted an example of one particular legal assistant, who dictated that she required a Form 1.

A Form 1, I should explain, is basically a one-sheet consent form which is signed by the parties to a case, enabling the Applicant (usually us) to renew an Interim Care Order (so called because it only lasts a month each time) by writing to the Court, rather than having to hear the matter each time.

We type enough of these that, in any case, she should know what the precedent number is. And even if she doesn't, we have a list of all the precedents to hand, both hard and electronic copies.

She brought this up with the legal assistant in question, who was under the (admittedly wrong) assumption that it was "automatic". We're still not quite sure what she thought would happen, though initially it was thought that the digital dictation system would work in partnership with the case management system (i.e. IKEN) and open up the correct precedent at the same time as opening the dictation. Given the issues with IKEN, I can understand why this clearly isn't the case. I assume the legal assistant thought this was the process, or alternatively that we simply typed 'Form 1' into IKEN to get the precedent.

Anyway, Forgetful brought the legal assistant over to her desk to demonstrate the problem of not quoting the precedent number and merely requesting a 'form 1', by showing her "how many documents come up when you type in Form 1".

I tried this myself earlier, just out of interest. Guess how many documents come up.

Go on, guess.

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I think Forgetful has achieved her quota of fail for the entire year in one single meeting.

In other news, earlier on I held open the door for Arsey (he was right behind me so I couldn't exactly let it go in his face, tempting though it was) and he actually thanked me. Maybe he's finally got over himself. We can only hope.