August 10th, 2010

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30-Day Music Meme.

So I'm finally getting around to this. The reason for the delay is because the first question was insanely difficult. It's literally taken me a week to think about / whittle down the options.

Aaanyway, commoncomitatus asked that I do this, so here it is.

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Day 01 - Your Favourite Song

It took me a long time to actually think about what my 'favourite' song was. I like lots of songs. A lot. But I definitely struggled to opt for a 'favourite' of those that I liked. In the end I decided it should be something from a musical, as it was the genre that shaped my early childhood until my mid-teens and I knew no better, and then it was a case of deciding which of my favourite musical duets / ballads to go for.

Michael Ball - "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" - from Les Misérables

I chose this song out of the many I love from Les Mis purely because I remember loving it before I knew where it came from. I have a vivid memory of tying a headscarf I was very fond of to a piece of garden bamboo cane and waving it around in time with this song when it was on television once, before I knew what the musical was about and that there is a great deal of flag-waving in it. :D The video is of the inimitable Michael Ball (who else?!) singing as Marius in the concert version at the Albert Hall for the show's 10th anniversary back in 1995. Les Misérables is 25 this year, so actually, I suppose it's quite apt.