August 11th, 2010

Random - Foodie Love

Bit of an Update

It's my mum's birthday today, so we're going over later for some food. We also went out on Saturday night to Strada (the one in the ICC), which was amazing. Everything from the wine to the dessert was faultless. OMNOM.

Monday at work was annoying. I have mellowed since and was too bloody tired to update about it at the time, but suffice it to say, it was to do with yet more colleague fail. I was on tape rota (I see how this works; I get lumbered with all of the previous week's backlog and whoever does Tuesday gets an easy ride) but seeing as on Friday night I was accosted (AGAIN) whilst trying to leave about an urgent, I decided to do that when I got in first thing instead. At around 10.00am (I think), Forgetful came downstairs to deliver some work and said, in an accusing tone:

"I thought you were doing tapes today."

Yes, but there are urgents, so I was helping. Her response was that "Normally whoever's on tapes just lets everyone else do the urgents". Pardon me for being remotely useful, then.

So pretty much from that point onwards I was waiting for hometime. Also my voice had packed up for some reason so I didn't really talk much all day, which everyone noticed (I'm not that talkative, honest!) and wondered why. Meh. Probably for the best, actually, or I would have shouted the odds to whoever was listening.

In other news, Arsey is apparently talking to me again. So I suppose I should change his alias. :) Maybe he was embarrassed about his conduct on the Day of the Move and decided ignoring me was better than apologising? That would explain his lack of eye contact in the lift the other day. Anyway, I was doing the rounds earlier with Noor's get-well-soon card and he was chatty and normal and actually initiating a conversation...

I'm very glad it's blown over, actually, as I was starting to worry there'd be an atmosphere, and as he's a locum there is every chance that he might end up working for South at some point (he already has once) and I didn't want it to continue if that was the case.

Nowt else to report. Hopefully I'll have time to post the music-meme entry later, though I have the majority of the other options written down on paper so as to make things quicker. It was just that first one which I found tricky, all the others were fine. :P