August 16th, 2010

TXF - PMP - dreams

Music Meme, again.

I can't think of better subjects for these, really...


Day 07 - A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

This is an exception to the "songs I own" rule.

Aqua - "Turn Back Time"

Technically it's only the chorus, though I do remember the song being in the charts... This was used for the Sky One trailer for the Season 5 finale of The X-Files. Sky One have always been really good with their trailers (it's part of the reason I really wish they'd had Farscape to begin with rather than Skiffy / BBC2), and I can still remember that particular trailer. The focus was on Mulder and Scully (Sky One knew us so well :D) and the arrival of Fowley putting a spanner in the works. In the episode, there is a brilliant scene where Scully is going to tell Mulder something, but she sees him in the room with Fowley holding his hand, and instead she chickens out, goes back to her car and phones him instead, pretending to be on the move. The trailer had a couple of seconds from that moment of Scully in her car and it was heart-wrenching.

Aside from that particular event, it also leads into several other events, because Season 5 ended whilst I was on work experience in year 11, and thus a couple of weeks away from That Summer Holiday between GCSE and A-Levels. Back in the days when we actually HAD summer, rather than intermittent rain and occasional sunshine. It was the summer I saw Phantom in Birmingham, the summer of The X-Files first movie, and more than that it's a summer I remember to this day with fondness, and memories of ice-skating, cinema trips and gleeful obsession.

In which case, it's also quite an apt song title for the event(s) in question. :)