September 15th, 2010

Random - Foodie Love

Om Nom.

The logic of buying enough spices to last several lifetimes has now made itself apparent.

On attempting to think of what to have for tea tonight, I went through the freezer and discovered therein a bag of frozen prawns. Having bought a new curry book from The Works the other day, I had a look for recipes involving prawns and discovered the below, which I shall now recreate for anyone else having a 'must-use-up-sundry-ingredients-in-my-kitchen' crisis...

Recipe: Prawn and Potato CurryCollapse )

Another one for the repertoire, anyway. :D

Now that Paul is finally home we can watch The Inbetweeners and then I think an early night is in order. I have a vat of chilli con carne to make tomorrow, in addition to ensure the majority of the flat looks presentable - more on that later...
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