October 14th, 2010

Random - Cutlery

Recipe: Butternut Squash, Mushroom, Blue Cheese and Pine Nut Risotto

This is for carrie_lh because she commented last night on Facebook that it sounded delicious. For the most part it follows the risotto recipe I already posted (courtesy of Jamie Oliver) but here is the entire thing for her benefit. :)

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Tonight I have to go shopping for various ingredients, as Paul is attempting to cook tapas for six people on Saturday. :) (It was originally just for the two of us, but I've invited parental bodies over as well. Anyway, most of the recipes serve 6 to 8 people...) We're doing a selection of seven dishes (two veg, two meat/poultry, two fish, one starter), which should be more than enough, in addition to olives and houmous...

On Friday, for those who didn't get/see the message on Facebook, I'll be going for some drinks after work, around 4.30pm, at the Briar Rose. I have invited work people as well (killing two birds with one stone, as 'twere) but dunno how many will come - and should probably point out it's the cool people, not the people I moan about. :P Anyway, just FYI. Not sure how long I'll be there as it will depend how tired I am. I've got next week off and aside from our trip to London I'm hoping it'll be a relatively quiet one. :)