November 7th, 2010

SB - Glenn Close Norma

Epic Dream of Epicness...

Last night / this morning, I had (as the subject suggests) a ridiculously epic dream with several different intertwining plots and which, as commoncomitatus will be infinitely amused to discover, starred Glenn Close. And by starred I mean she was in approximately 95% of it. So I'll be using my current / temporary default icon. Actually, that might be more apt than I first thought.

Incidentally, until I start remembering my dreams with regular monotony again, I've decided to keep all dream posts public for now and return to the filter if/when they become more forthcoming. I apologise in advance for the ramblingness of this; despite the epicness, the dream itself only had a couple of 'scenes' with any plot value and the rest was fluff. In several senses of the word, as you will discover.

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So yes, that dream is the reason I'm up so early on a Sunday (I started this entry at 9.30) and now I'm going to catch up on X-Factor, find out what time EastEnders starts (thanks, brain, I didn't need a reminder!!) and dust the bedroom. As a result of the deep sleep I have woken up with a very small migraine, but to be quite honest, it was worth it!

Eni may mock at will, now. :D
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