December 2nd, 2010

Christmas - snow

22 Days to Go...

Looks scary when you put it like that.

So, yeah. I never did finish the other entry I started, though it was mostly just moaning about Primark sizing fail, and a small work annoyance which was going to regurgitate all the stuff I already rant about at great length.

I will be temporarily reverting to a Christmassy layout to get myself in the mood. Eni, I will email you later as I want some (minor!) tweaks to the SB!layout and am still in no mindset to learn S2. :P

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So far, then, so good. I'm getting slightly better, year on year, at not getting horrendously stressed about Christmas, having learnt from previous experience that Having A Plan is better than not. It basically means I have be uber-organised and maintain energy levels for all the various aspects, but the end result - two or three days of relaxation and the end result of the hard work - definitely pays off. And this year I get the whole week off, so at least I get a proper break out of it, too.

Tonight's to-do list:-

  • Tidy up, do washing up, hoover carpets in living room, hall and landing;

  • Copy some CDs;

  • Start making my little Christmas Boxes for work (need to be done by 17th December);

  • Hopefully not freeze.

We thought the gas fire had stopped working on Tuesday, but it seemed fine last night. IT'S REALLY FRICKIN' COLD NOW, and even with the new roof the house is bloody freezing. Britain does not have discernible seasons any more, just Frozen or Heatwave. I was muchly amused last night by the BBC newsman's disgruntled and resigned tone of voice when talking about the snow and the fact that transport systems failed to cope again. All those politicians denying climate change need to stop living in a fantasy world and look at our current weather patterns over the past few years. If that's not an indication of climate change, I don't know what is.

One day, the Earth will fight back against all the abuse; of this I am certain. At which point, humanity will merely find another planet to populate and systematically destroy, assuming Mother Nature doesn't organise a mass cull before then. :P

Anyway, on that note, I shall sign this one off.