December 13th, 2010

Christmas - berries

A Knackering but Pleasant Weekend

Christmas doth approach, and my next two weeks are going to be ridiculously busy, having to cram in seeing various people, finishing my shopping for Paul, doing the food shop and wrapping / handing over presents. I don't have time for any more socialising unless it's at the pub on Christmas Eve with the usual suspects, as Christmas is now just under two weeks away and I'm literally running out of hours. :P

Anyway, Collapse )

Okay, well, this entry was a result of the fact that this morning Winscribe was unresponsive. They were doing work on the server on Sunday and obviously hadn't got it up and running again by the time people were back in work today... In which case, I think this is more than long enough, so I shall sign off.

I'm hoping to get Christmas cards and presents in the post this week, so really need to start wrapping things soon...