December 22nd, 2010

Christmas - berries

*pops head up briefly*

Just a quick entry to say that I'm still alive (just), but have been too tired / cold / busy to post of late. And also LJ is fritzy at work (it refused to post a moany entry I wrote last week, though that's probably for the best. :P)

Anyway, I will do a proper update probably next week after I've recovered from all the festiveness. There's still a lot to do before Saturday, unfortunately. If I get chance tonight I need to post the photos of the Seriously Impressive Icicles hanging over our bedroom window, and perhaps a meme or two.

MERRY CHRISTMAS in case I don't post before the day.

Christmas - snow

Pretty Winterness.

Even though I'm getting a little bit sick of the snow now, given its propensity to scupper all reasonable travel plans (my mum and David have cancelled tomorrow evening so we need to add them to the list of people we haven't managed to see before Christmas thanks to the weather...), at the same time I really do enjoy how pretty everything looks...

There are icicles everywhere! I don't think I've ever seen icicles in Britain, though they were everywhere when I was in EuroDisney back in January 2009, so I became a little obsessed with taking photos of them.

They're adorning all the gutters in Kings Heath at the moment, including ours. Under the cut are the Seriously Impressive Icicles I mentioned in my last post... I wish I could reach out and grab one just to measure it, but you'll have to make do with the photographs. :)

Collapse )

I just wish all of this wonderful snow had come next week so we could all enjoy it, rather than having to worry about getting to work, getting home again, or whether our pipes are going to freeze. Oh to be six years old again, eh?

Proper updates etc. next week hopefully. :)