January 10th, 2011

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A Recipe and Some Television

I made this last night because I couldn't decide what else to do and didn't fancy a(nother) roast dinner. I'm roast dinnered out after Christmas.

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So, this morning Winscribe wasn't working. It came back at around 10.15, and then at 12.45 we were informed that IKEN was going to be out of action for the remainder of the day. Also apparently Winscribe, though that seems to be working. Hence the random recipe entry because I is bored. The WPO's have watched one of the Clericals doing scanning (I believe the technical term is "shadowing" :P) but we only have one scanner set up for this particular scanning task so it's not like we can actually help right now, and the second part of the process requires IKEN anyway. So I'm going at 3.30.

Edit, 15.45...

Okay, shortly after stating that, OBVIOUSLY, it all started working again, so I'm staying til a bit later... I could do with staying until at least 5.00 every day this week to try and build some flex, but it's not happening today.

I went out to buy some Migraleve at lunchtime as I had a bit of a light-sensitive headache and some vague nausea. For future reference, the city centre Boots actually sells the pink-only tablets; in fact they'd run out of the pink-and-yellow ones, where in all other places it's usually vice versa.

Migraleve are bloody miraculous things. Whatever the active ingredient is, it seems to work. Unfortunately, they do occasionally make me drowsy/sleepy, and today is one of those occasions. As much as I would like to stay late (or would if there was more work to do), I think I need to go home and have a nap instead.

In other news, season 2 of Glee starts tonight. WOO! I've heard some exciting things about this series and given my slightly questionable mental state over the past few months, I could really do with some way of venting, and Glee has made my cry more often than any other show I've seen. It was reaching a point of being almost every other episode last season. It's also the only other show on record, apart from Farscape, to take me from one end of the emotioanl spectrum to the other in five seconds flat...

Oh yes, Paul and I also made a start on Firefly last night, as it's only a short series. Finally I know where that line is that people keep quoting: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Actually, I probably should have guessed that was a Joss-ism. We've watched the first two episodes thus far... Collapse )

Yes. I'm meant to update LJ more so I need to start talking more about my various TV viewing. Paul and I have several marathons ahead, so it seems only right. I also need to kick-start my X-Files rewatch and start talking about that some more. I'm not quite sure whether to start where I left off (last two episodes of season 7) or start again. I intended to start again anyway once I'd finished, but I know there's some bloody brilliant episodes to come and I should probably get through the rest before I restart.

And since it's taken me so long to actually post this tonight, I might as well mention some Glee stuff now that I've seen the first episode. Collapse )

And that'll do.