January 25th, 2011

Spuffy - numb

I Can Has Sleep?

Mrrg. Slept on sofa last night as Paul was snoring. Annoyingly enough, it wasn't even that loud, just badly-timed. Whenever I was about to nod off, he would start snoring again. Eventually I got bored of poking him and went to sleep in the lounge, which I think was around 1.00am. When my alarm went off this morning at 7.00 (after I'd already woken up a couple of times in the night) I gave myself an extra hour in bed. At 7.30 (second alarm) I went back to the actual bed. I think the mattress on the bed/sofa is on the way out, to be honest. It used to be really comfy but not so much now...

On the plus side, last night I was terribly organised and made sandwiches for work. I bought myself one of those cool bags to put my lunch in, as the fridges are work are always full of milk or people's groceries (and have a tendency to be thieved from). So for lunch today I have tuna sandwiches (on brown bread, with light mayonnaise), a yogurt and a smoothie. I do like smoothies, but they make my kitchen look like a murder scene. I'm not entirely sure how the smoothie will have held out, actually; I tend to use frozen fruit because (a) it's cheaper, (b) it doesn't go off when I forget to eat it and (c) it gives a lovely Slush Puppy type texture. I usually drink them straight away and this one will have been sat (admittedly in the fridge) for a few hours, so I'll probably have to shake it...

I think I forgot to mention, on Saturday we tried out the new slow cooker for the first time, making "Chicken with Chorizo and Beans", which was lovely. With preparation (pre-frying stuff) it took about six hours. There is loads of spinach left over so I'm going to find a sag aloo recipe this week. I have a book of 1000 Indian recipes and sag aloo is not in there (but chicken tikka masala is!!) Unfortunately Pret have stopped doing their delicious sag aloo soup.

If I'm rambling, it's because I'm so tired. I've had some coffee but it started to make me feel sick so I stopped drinking it, and now I'm filling myself full of water in an effort to rehydrate my brain. I brought my choir stuff with me today but I think I might give it a miss; when I'm over-tired the weekly struggle to keep up just upsets and infuriates me, and I'm not in the mood for that today.

Meh. I think I'll post this before it gets even longer. Most pointless entry ever? Yes, I do believe it is.