January 27th, 2011

JC - Maddy - oops

Confessional Squee...

The subject will become apparent... I was going to wait a while on this entry but might as well get it over with.

I'm very glad that January is finally over, seeing as it seems content to keep kicking me in the arse. The following course of events are not bad, per se, but somewhat annoying.

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So yeah. Seriously, January? I mean, I get that this is your way of sort of making up for being completely crap up 'til now, but honestly, there are better ways. :P
WIW - Marian

Book Meme

Lengthy book meme / questionnaire stolen from pandorasblog.

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Well, that was quite long.

I had another go on the Wii tonight whilst Paul was out. Cycling is bloody bizarre and hard work. I seem to have gotten the hang of baseball (seemed easier with the Wiimotion Plus somehow!) and bowling again, still pretty rubbish at frisbee and had a go at canoeing too. I also had a go at Epic MIckey which is awesome but difficult, but I think that's because I haven't owned a console since the early 90s and that was a Master System II. SO. MANY. BUTTONS. (The game uses the remote AND the nunchuck and I can't coordinate my fingers properly yet). The gameplay itself is really cool, though. Will have a proper go this weekend when I'm less tired.