February 7th, 2011

STVOY - Mary Sues

Fandom for February: Day Seven

Well, the oven appears to be working now, indicator light and all. In any case, I managed to cook my dinner without setting off the alarm.


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Hm, that'll do. Glee is on in a bit and apparently it's the Rocky Horror episode so doubtless I will have things to say. I'm partway dreading it, actually, but at the same time hope it's enough to keep the MTV idiots happy and stop them doing a remake. I dunno if that's still in the pipeline anyway... but hopefully a Glee version will be enough to get the kids interested in the original, thus negating the need for a remake. ;) (Though, the only character I could remotely see as Frank [Puckerman] is in jail, I think? Hm, this could be... interesting.)