February 8th, 2011

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Small Work Annoyance

This was going to form part of one big post, but since the other post is ridiculously huge, I've decided to post it separately...

I had one small work annoyance today that took the form of my being helpful (or trying to be, at least), only to have people either ignore me or not believe me. Collapse )

Just... ugh, I don't know why I bother. I might as well leave them to their own devices.
JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

Fandom for February: Day Eight

The majority of this was written at work, in the hope that my only task on getting back from choir will be to screengrab my picspam from the DVD's. (I have a feeling Google will not help me with this one.) Also I really want to give this pairing the attention it deserves, and thus would rather write this whilst I'm still mostly awake, and not brain-dead from the Bach. :P


Collapse )

I think this is so far my biggest word-dump (and my biggest picspam) in this meme, though I doubt that will remain the case. ;)

I'm thinking I might move the Movies one to May (equally alliterative) to give myself some time to recover from this one. And also because the concept of trying to fit 30 meme days into 28 actual days is quite painful.

Okay, this post has taken a cumulative seven million hours to post, but at least I got it up before midnight. :D

*awaits inevitable flail and capslock abuse*